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Postdoctoral studies are characterized by an exchange between a researcher who seeks to develop or consolidate a research work under the supervision of a researcher in a Postgraduate Program or in an Institute or Research Center. This process is developed in different forms and periods. It also follows different dynamics in each institution and even within the same institution in the different areas of knowledge. It differs, however, from the Newly Qualified Doctor scholarship (bolsa Recém-Doutor), which is also configured as a postdoctoral research but has its own regulation from the research promoting agencies.


In order to be approved in the Collegiate the post.doc requests should proceed with the following aspects:


  1. The candidate sends to the supervisor his/her research plan to be presented by the latter in a Collegiate meeting.
  2. In the research plan, the candidate indicates the publications in articles or in a book that he or she intends to produce. In these publications or in the congresses where the candidate participates presenting his/her work, throughout the post.doc, a reference to the PPFH / UERJ should be made.
  3. Class activity, orientation or co-orientation are under the coordination of the supervisor, in case the postdoctoral researcher is available to participate during the period of his/her post.doc.
  4. At the end of the post.doc, the postdoctoral researcher will present to the supervisor a short report showing his or her production during the period. This report will be informed by the supervisor to the Collegiate.